Erivelton Silva/Tizian Jost/Paulo Morello: Afternoon in Rio Apr26

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In & Out Records Record Label - In & out Records: Mission: "to produce innovative contemporary jazz music recorded with state-of-the art fidelity."
Release date: 2013-02-12


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Erivelton Silva/Tizian Jost/Paulo Morello: Afternoon in Rio


It’s all about the Brazilian rhythms for this jazz organ trio. Afternoon in Rio's tropical flavors include earthy samba funk, heavily accentuated samba-de-breque, bossa nova, chorinho, baio, and even some Latin rock. Says guitarist Paulo Morello: “We play Brazilian music in a unique way because we do it on a bebop base, and at the same time our compositions are tailor-made for Brazilian rhythms.” Their consistently spirited rhythmic zest is owed in large part to the skilled drummer Erivelton Silva in this Brazilian-Bavarian project.

The repertoire consists mostly of original compositions by Morello and organ player Tizian Jost. Musical variety combined with internationally inclined contemporary jazz styles has produced a truly refreshing album. And if the rhythmic diversity isn’t enough, the group also features guest musicians on vibraphone, flute, bass, and harmonica throughout the CD. Yet no one is fronting in this group, which really benefits the music-making.

Afternoon in Rio is definitely music you’ll want to play on your patio while enjoying the late-afternoon sun with friends and family. So sit back and enjoy the funkiness of Let’s Vamos (track 4) made available in the right sidebar. I bet you’ll walk away either humming or whistling the tune.

Paulo Morello / Tizian Jost / Erivelton Silva - Afternoon In Rio (Track 1)