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Oehms Classics Record Label - Oehms Classics: “Young artists, international award winner and eminent personalities in the music world, earning the promotion and promotion are made available to the general public at reasonable prices.”
Release date: 2012-07-31


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Piano Music of Ernst Krenek – Stanislav Khristenko


This is really interesting and very enjoyable music! If you have an interest modern piano music (Krenek wrote all of these pieces between 1922 and 198 that pushes the Romantic envelope but doesn't ever tear it, give this a try.

The disc opens with Ernst Krenek’s Second Piano Sonata. Immediately, you’ll be reminded of Gershwin – but it quickly becomes skewed, like you are listening to Gershwin through an aural prism. Just when you feel like you know where a passage is melodically and harmonically headed, Krenek throws a musical curveball. I remember as a kid at the amusement park walking across a floor made of panels that were slowly and randomly tilting. Just when you get your balance on one panel and step to the next, you have to find your balance again. Krenek’s piano music does this to your ear.

It’s playful with frequent subtle and not so subtle superimposed jazz elements (at several points, it “swings”!), and is constantly alluring. Krenek’s music is also to be taken seriously. Glenn Gould wrote of the Piano Sonata No. 3 “Altogether one of the most impressive assertions in the contemporary piano repertoire.”

These are very fine performances by Ukrainian pianist Stanislav Khristennko. Sound interesting? Give it a try.