Italian Virtuosi of the Chitarrone - Jakob Lindberg Sep07

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BIS Records Record Label - BIS Records: Universally recognized superior sound and versatility of ongoing projects, often going against the trend of the classical music business.
Release date: 2012-07-22


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Italian Virtuosi of the Chitarrone / Jakob Lindberg


It is hard to know where to start praising this recording. The music? The instrument? The performance?

The music, by three masters of the early baroque – Giovanni Kapsperger, Bellerofonte Castaldi and Alessandro Piccinini – is fascinating. Especially how each of the three roughly contemporaneous composers employ dissonance in a manner that often seems to look centuries ahead. It is completely engrossing music, with subtle touches throughout. For example, listen up for the marvelous effect of the upward glissando in the Capona by Kapsperger (track 25).

The instrument is a chitarrone, which is lute-like, but with fourteen strings and a five foot neck (in the case of the instrument employed on this album). Consider that the bass strings on these instruments can be up to six feet in length! Yes, the low tones are very impressive. I could have started this recommendation praising the musicianship of Jakob Lindberg, who is a long established and illustrious master in this repertoire. But it doesn’t matter where I begin writing about how much I enjoyed this new BIS recording. The result is seventy-five minutes of completely absorbing listening.