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Anima Records Record Label - Anima Records: Mission: Anima is intended to help talented musicians who lead an exemplary career manage the difficulties of the recording scene while assisting them to realize an artistic project.
Release date: 2012-10-09


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Modern Chamber Music with Flute – Another Brilliant Anima Records Release!


OK, I’m a fan of the Anima Records label. I’ve heard only two recordings from this little label, and with this review, I have recommended them both. The first disc was a program of piano trios by Chausson, Dubois and Pfeiffer. This second one is a program of modern chamber music with flute. What make Anima so successful in both of these albums is the combination of unique and interesting repertoire (two of the works on this CD are world premiere recordings) , brilliant musicianship, and first-rate sound engineering.

Take note though, this is not an album for everyone. But if you enjoy listening to modern chamber music, these are all interesting compositions that you’ll probably enjoy. There are four composers represented on the CD. Their names and birth dates are: Nicolas Bacri (1961), Pierre Jansen (1930), Philippe Forget (1970) and Martin Kutnowski. I cannot find Mr. Kutnowski’s birth date anywhere, but his earliest composition is dated 1990.

The pieces explore a broad range of emotional moods and atmospheres - playful, intense, hostile, melancholy, ghostly, eerie and downright creepy (there’s quite a bit of creepy, in fact). But this is not modern music of seemingly random blips and beeps. It is quite lyrical and engaging.

As I mentioned at the outset, all of the musicians are absolutely first rate. Flautist Frédéric Chatoux is principal flute of the Paris Opera, cellist Delphine Biron is a member of the Orchestre de Paris and pianist Bertrand Giraud, a graduate of the Paris Conservatory. This is an excellent album, and I’ll be watching out for every new release from Anima Records.