Morten Haxholm Quartet: Equilibrium Aug14

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Storyville Records Record Label - Storyville Records: "Storyville Records is one of the world's greatest jazz record labels and the oldest independent jazz label in Europe."
Release date: 2013-05-14


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Morten Haxholm Quartet: Equilibrium


Equilibrium is an impressive debut album you won’t want to miss. Danish bass player Morten Christian Haxholm is a Copenhagen-based artist who studies in the prestigious soloist line at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. His quartet, which pulls some of the best in New York jazz, performs a collection of post bop originals that are sure to whet your jazz listening appetite.

Lovely renditions of jazz standards ’Night and Day’ by Cole Porter and ’Out of Nowhere’ by Johnny Green sit among six original compositions by Haxholm. Haxholm’s compositional craft is stunning. He employs complex, interchanging odd meters to express beautiful melodies so sublime that the music develops into a coherence that eludes the listener’s recollection of its very complexity. It’s artistic genius, truly wonderful.

Praise for the ability to incorporate complexity into a masterful whole belongs as much to the composer as the rest of the quartet in performance. Rhythmic and melodic challenges are arranged and interpreted by Frederick Menzies (tenor saxophone) and Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar) in thematically brilliant - and at times pretty rocking - solo lines, while Ari Hoenig (drums) provides tasteful rhythmic spices without which the music would stand incomplete. It’s impossible for me to praise their collective musicianship enough!

To those who, like myself, love odd meters: get this album! It’s easily one of the best jazz albums I’ve heard all year.