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Non Profit Music Record Label - Non Profit Music: "To create a record company that could feature new composers of very emotive instrumental contemporary music."
Release date: 2012-04-10


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Play it Again / Trío Arbós performs contemporary works for piano trio


At Expedition Audio we've become acquainted with a number of interesting record labels. But until now, I have not encountered a not-for-profit label. Non Profit Music’s mission is to “feature new composers of very emotive instrumental contemporary music” while at the same time gathering funds for humanitarian efforts. It is my pleasure to introduce you to one of their recordings: Play it Again as performed by the Arbós Trio.

What's recorded is approachable modern music by talented contemporary composers from across the globe in excellent performances by the trio. Play it Again, however, is not just any collection of contemporary chamber music. It is programmed as a recital with a thematic progression from very slow to very fast tempos.

The Arbós Trio opens with two slow and beautiful melodic works, building an atmosphere of anticipation. As they move forward in the context of a program-spanning accellerando, a gradual crossover from classical to jazz idioms can be heard. For example, the final work of the program, Cafe music by American composer Paul Schoenfield (available in full on this page), begins as a ragtime that is recapitulated even faster in the exciting third movement. Yet this is not the end. Any excellent recital is not complete without an encore, and this recording does not disappoint. The concluding track is Chick Corea’s Addendum which seemingly encapsulates the recital’s varying influences and perspectives on contemporary chamber music in a sprightly five minute piece. A perfect encore.

As someone who does not gravitate to works for small chamber groups, I can speak to the recording’s successful revitalization of my latent sensibility to the genre. The album owes that success not only to great music, performance and sound quality, but also to a new category of appraisal: programming. I encourage you to pick this SACD up as Play it Again is a recital you’ll want to hear often in your home. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing your money went to a good cause.

Trío Arbós play Paul Schoenfield (1941-): Café Music - II. Andante moderato rubato

Trío Arbós play Paul Schoenfield (1941-): Café Music - II. Presto