The Real Deal / Najponk, Honzák, Fishwick


I must confess to my predilection for well-executed reinterpretations of jazz standards. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has had the pleasure of listening to “The Real Deal” that this album would float right to the top of my classical jazz favorites. An ad hoc trio project headed by Angel Award winning and leading Czech pianist Najponk, “The Real Deal” expands upon the best of jazz traditions with fresh improvisation and a composition each by Najponk and the French avant-garde composer Erik Satie.

Fitting well with the “standard” repertoire is Najponk’s style, which can be described as a combination of Oscar Peterson and Thelonious Monk. His virtuosity and enthusiasm make him an exciting performer to listen to, and with two phenomenal musicians - bassist Jaromír Honzák and drummer Matt Fishwick - in company, the chemistry is pure magic. It goes to show when Najponk’s own composition quickly becomes as memorable as classics such as “Solitude” (Duke Ellington) and “I’ll Remember April” (Don Raye) that these boys can play. Listen to Najponk’s “Based on Bach, Bird & Trane” in the sidebar to see what I mean.

Currently, “The Real Deal” holds a nomination spot in the “Jazz and Blues” category of the Angel Awards 2012, alongside two more albums produced by the label Animal Music. In summation: you don’t want to miss this recording. As far as the classical jazz genre goes, it really is “The Real Deal”.

3rd track from CD The Real Deal: "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise"

5th track from the CD The Real Deal: "Listen Here"