Marc Perrenoud Trio: Vestry Lamento


The Swiss composer and jazz pianist Marc Perrenoud has released a delightfully hip new trio record entitled Vestry Lamento. Produced by Double Moon Records Label & Challenge Records International, the album was first released in Europe in October of 2013, and has recently been made available in the States. Perrenoud enlists longtime collaborators Marco Müller on the upright bass and Cyril Regamey on drums.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Perrenoud began his jazz studies at the tender age of 6, and now, at 33, he has firmly claimed his own place amongst the ranks of some of the world’s finest jazz musicians. His style is one of instant coolness and with a clearly modern flair and approach, drawing inspiration from the piano greats such as Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett. The elements of funk, cool jazz and blues are evident throughout, but my personal favorite moments on the record are ones that demonstrate the pianist’s delicacy and tenderness.

The album includes 8 delightful and varied tunes, 7 of which are Perrenoud originals. The one cover tune is the gorgeous standard ‘Body and Soul,’ by the great Jonny Green. An emotive and delicate form of communication is beautifully manifested throughout this ballad.

Tender and soulful revelations aside, Perrenoud also shows off some lightning fast technique on tunes like “Bosendorfer Piano Club,” and a fast swinging and Latin feel on the tune “Madame Jojo’s.” The latter tune somewhat reminds the listener of Rodgers and Hart’s “Johnny One Note.”

The record opens with a sterling example of Marc and his trio’s modern sensibilities and unique approach. The album opener and title track, “Vestry Lamento” (featured here as our sample track), begins with a cool and vibrant bass solo that wonderfully features bassist Marco Müller. The tune is replete with anticipation: after the bass solo, we hear an infectious groove, provided by drummer Cyril Regamey, which leaves room for Marc to take the floor and finally ease us into his laid-back and conversational playing. Overall, this forward-thinking date is a great display of the modern and cool, that nevertheless honors historical jazz standards and the always-impeccable Great American Songbook.

MARC PERRENOUD TRIO: 'Solar,' live at Cully Jazz Festival